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Building sustainable and constructive relationships at work

Conflict at work can be upsetting and disruptive.Disputes between colleagues can affect the way they work together and can affect an individual’s health, wellbeing and productivity at work. For employers, disputes can lead to problems as a result of:

  • Sickness and other absences
  • Poor performance and reduced productivity
  • Low morale and high staff turnover
  • Complex, time-consuming grievances and cases at Employment Tribunals
  • Reputational damage or bad publicity

How we can help

When working relationships break down we use mediation as an effective way of enabling the parties in a dispute to resolve their issues in an open and honest way.

How it works

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process. Our professionally qualified, independent mediator will work with the people involved in a dispute to get to the heart of the problem, help them explore possible solutions and enable them to reach agreement on how best to deal with the situation and move forward together.

Issues that can be resolved through mediation

There are some instances where mediation is not appropriate but it can be used to resolve many workplace problems, including:

  • Allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination against a colleague
  • Breakdowns in a working relationship
  • Formal complaints or grievances
  • A need to support someone to return to work after work-related sickness absence

Success rates

Mediation is successful in around 80% of cases. As the agreements are decided between the parties in the dispute they have responsibility for building constructive and sustainable working relationships and there are no ‘winners’ or ‘losers’. Everyone benefits as working relationships are restored.

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