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SeeaChange is an independent consultancy specialising in career coaching and outplacement support, workplace mediation and leadership in change. We provide a range of practical and results-driven advice and interventions for individual and corporate clients that help achieve personal, career and business objectives.

Our founding Director, Sam Evans, established SeeaChange after a successful and varied career in the UK Civil Service, where she gained a wealth of experience in operational and policy delivery and HR operations. She is a skilled coach and qualified workplace mediator with a proven record of success in enabling individuals and teams to reach their potential, navigate successfully through change or conflict and achieve personal and business goals.

SeeaChange offers three core services:

Coaching and outplacement support for career success

We support individuals seeking new or different opportunities and organisations going through change in the workplace, enabling them to manage their transitions with confidence, excel at what they do and achieve their goals.

Leadership support to manage change with confidence

We work alongside leaders and their teams to plan and manage change successfully. We advise on the entire change journey, involving employees and enabling them to embrace new structures, policies or ways of working and build a positive workplace culture.

Mediation and conflict management

We use mediation to resolve workplace disagreements or to re-build working relationships after a dispute. Our qualified workplace mediators help get to the heart of the problem, work through possible solutions and move towards agreement on a way forward.

We are a small business with a strong focus on the needs of our clients. Our starting point will always be an introductory conversation with you to ensure we understand and can meet your requirements. And because one size rarely fits all, we will tailor our services to meet your needs and your budget.

To book an initial conversation, contact us at: or call us on 07966 135095.

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