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Leadership in change

Leadership in change

Helping you manage change with courage and integrity

We work with leadership teams and organisations to help them plan, implement and embed change successfully and with the support of employees. Many change programmes fail due to employee resistance and lack of senior leadership or management team support.

We can help you manage the risks and increase the likelihood of a successful change programme by working with you to:

  • Understand how the change affects your employees
  • Identify the behaviours or culture that may undermine or block your change
  • Develop effective communication and engagement strategies
  • Involve your employees, giving them a stake in making the change a success
  • Demonstrate to your team the benefits of new structures, new policies or new ways of working.

How we work

We spend time getting to know you and your team so that we understand your business, your customers, your objectives and your organisational culture. We then focus on what you are seeking to change and why. Working in partnership with you, we:

  • Help plan and implement your change
  • Provide on-going advice through the end-to-end change journey
  • Equip you and your team to manage current and future changes

Specific advice and guidance

We draw on our extensive experience of change programmes to provide targeted advice on specific aspects of the change process such as employee relations, including:

  • Handling complex negotiations with trade unions
  • Holding sensitive discussions with individuals or groups of employees
  • Supporting employees through the transitions and increasing their resilience
  • Aligning teams with your organisation’s objectives

Support for your employees

We can also provide support for the employees most affected by the change, including career coaching and outplacement support for leavers.

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