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Coaching and outplacement support

Career conversations that make a difference

Change in the workplace can be challenging for individuals and for employers. It can also bring great opportunities and benefits. Using coaching and outplacement support we work with individuals and organisations going through change in the workplace to help them navigate change successfully.

Support for individuals

As an employee, developing your career, finding or changing jobs, returning to the workplace after a break or going through a big change at work can be daunting.

Using individually tailored interventions we work with you as you prepare for new opportunities, navigate job search or redeployment or get ready to step into a new career.

Through a series of one-to-one, face-to-face coaching sessions we help you to:

  • Align your career planning with your career goals and values
  • Assess and build on transferable skills and strengths
  • Create strong, professional CVs, personal profiles and application forms
  • Improve interview performance and presentation techniques
  • Build personal resilience and confidence
  • Develop and maintain effective professional networks

Support for groups

For groups of employees going through change in the workplace we also provide career success workshops to help manage the challenges of change and transition and make the most of new opportunities.

Support for employers

As an employer planning changes to your organisation, providing support for your employees can help retain talent, maintain employee engagement and ensure your change goes more smoothly. We can advise on comprehensive outplacement or redeployment support to help you:

  • Manage workforce change or reductions effectively and with integrity
  • Reduce risks to productivity
  • Enhance your reputation as a good employer
  • Avoid business costs.

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