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10 ways a coach can help you make the most of 2016

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Ever thought about working with a coach but decided against it? Maybe you thought coaching was only for very senior people or that you’d get nothing from it. At SeeaChange ( ) we disagree. We believe coaching can be a positive experience for anyone, regardless of position or status. Here are ten things a coach can help you with in 2016.

1. Growing your self-awareness
Understanding your capabilities, your motivation, how you relate to others and respond to pressure can transform your approach to life and work.

2. Knowing your worth and personal ‘brand’
Celebrate your strengths. Don’t underestimate or downplay what you can achieve and how much others value you and what you do.

3. Working with, not against, your values
Values shape behaviour, decision-making and your sense of what’s right. Outright value clashes or misalignment can affect your relationships, wellbeing, performance or results.

4. Confidence
Fear of failure or worry about criticism can stifle potential. Have confidence in your abilities and opinions. See failure as learning and criticism as feedback.

5. Setting goals
Be clear about what you want to achieve. Set yourself clear and realistic goals. Make a plan and build in rewards as you complete each milestone.

6. Removing blockers
Holding onto regrets and resentments will hold you back. Let go. Look at what else is blocking your progress, how you’ll deal with it and who can help.

7. Self-development
Spend a bit less time supporting others and more time focused on yourself and your development. Think about what you need and how you’ll ask for and get what you want.

8. Decision-making
This year could bring challenges. Consider what they mean for you and what your options are. Make good, well-informed decisions based on the best available information.

9. Resilience
Don’t waste time worrying about what might happen but plan for it anyway. Take control, look for the opportunities and think about how the changes you face might benefit you.

10. Time to think
Working with a coach can give you time, space and a supportive environment to work through your challenges successfully.